The Golden Tara Comes Active, to Support the Shift to the Golden Age

The Golden Tara Comes Active, to Support the Shift to the Golden Age

As the Shift progressively unfolds we’re constantly seeing new dynamics to support the emergence. Some of these have revealed in different disciplines previously, but we must be aware to bring them alive as a dancing formlessness rather than doctrine. If they are to have value, we must be able to feel them; they must activate something important in us. Such is the Role of the Golden Tara. She is here to usher in the much prophecised “Golden Age”, as the planet raises to a new vibrational consciousness.

Ancient Himalayan Energies

The Openhand Team have just returned from pilgrimage in the Himalayas, which was about exploring the divine energies available to us in the Shift, and so energetically journeying, more than physically so. Our retreat was nestled in a secluded ridge on the edge of the mountains. In the stillness, we were able to journey into the energy fields and enjoyed many profound experiences. One was with the Golden Tara, that came to us out on the ground, at a secluded waterfall.

The Golden Tara is revered in Tibetan Buddhism. You’ll find statues in temples in many locations. But to be clear, I’ve always found it essential to transcend doctrine and any kind of religious worship. It risks causing a polarisation – you, and what you’re praying to. If you put something on a pedestal outside of yourself, the Buddha for example, then subtly, you risk establishing the unattainable. The Buddha is inside of you!

Hence in this approach, we don’t go actively seeking particular energies. But we do make ourselves available and open to possibility. If a Benevolent energy comes to us in the field, and shows that it can be activational to our consciousness, then we’ll carefully entertain it and see what we can gain.

The Golden Tara

So it was with the Golden Tara. She appeared first as an energy following one of the studio meditations. A billowing golden cloud mysteriously appeared right over the studio, when at the beginning of the meditation the sky was perfectly clear. “Coincidence” you might readily consider, but the energy was palpable, spoke into our hearts, and had us glued to the skies for a long, mystical, while.

Subsequently, we were guided on a physical journey, out onto a little known secluded mountain pathway. And that’s when we found a tremendous cascading waterfall, bringing energies in off the mountains. It was stunningly rejuvenational, bringing several of the group to tears. Later on, I went back there and bathed in a stunning turquoise pool, and that’s when the Golden Tara revealed herself most clearly.

I’ve already been made aware of the nature of the 5D Crystalline Grid – a dancing , superconsious weave of light that’s forming the fabric of the new 5D Paradigm. But of course, it’s going to be multidimensional, with other divine elements woven in. The Golden Tara showed me the 6D aspect, a golden light, forming sacred geometry, that had a strong activational effect on the Third Eye.

It felt like it was about the strong activation of authentic beingness. But not static and staid, as if in some bubble of love n light. This had movement to it, dance and flow. It touched the Sacred Ground of Being within, which then felt like an anchoring sense of belonging. Following which, just about every aspect of nature on the path came alive – especially in the rocks, where I was seeing reflections everywhere, that brought the sense of interconnected beingness stunningly alive.

But this wasn’t the only aspect of the Golden Tara, the actual energy, to be revealed.

Reintegrating Wayward Black Snake Energy

I was made aware that the energy was an aspect of Kundalini, within the 6D, that dances around the vortex of the Flower of Life. And that also the Tara had a role to play in the reclamation and realignment of Satanic Black Snake energies here on the planet, that are so active in the Shift right now. In what way?

Gain an understanding of the Black Snake Energy

First, it is essential to point out we must get past the duality of projecting at the shadow. Instead, we must discover how to integrate and realign it – because it is a part of the coherence of the totality as well. The singularity of the Torus releases energy of Unity Consciousness through the chakra points, whether at an individual level or a planetary one. The light illuminates the darkness and at a field level, binds in a reality construct for the purpose of education and evolutionary growth.

We can say the elementals of Earth form this constructive weave. Black Snake has become a distorted and disconnected quantum weave energy, that’s gotten so invested in the materiality, the maya, that it’s become wayward and purposefully derailing. It penetrates the psyche projecting polarity and judgment – separation – between people. This triggers energy which it then feeds off. That’s what we each must become abundantly aware of, so as to negate its influence.

For those prepared to look past the surface level conflict of “us then them”, Black Snake is stunningly active right now in the Middle East conflict. With people around the world leaping on the bandwagon to point at protagonist and victim. Taking sides only fuels the divide, providing fertile feeding ground for Black Snake – that then binds in the consciousness of those projecting. Beware, it’s essential to illuminate the brutality, but let’s be clear not to rush to judgment. Instead, how can we realign polarising energies inside ourselves?

Reverse Engineering the Matrix

When healing shifts happened for the Annunaki in recent times, they have progressively withdrawn from active intervention in the Old Paradigm here and taken more to reverse engineering their creation. It’s a tremendously welcome development. But at the same time, I was under no doubt this would stir up Black Snake at a planetary level. It had been prodded from its lair, and although absolutely necessary to smoke out, was never going to be peaceful as that happened.

We’re travelling into the time where the substrate of the decrepit old reality is being illuminated and deeply challenged as the Flower of Life regenerates, pulling through and unravelling – activating – the dinged part of the apple. This is the War on Materiality that the First Nations have spoken of and what the Kali Yuga represents. The Goddess Kali was also very much present during our pilgrimage. 

Kali made it clear she’s helping Gaia shift, by presenting a crystal clear coherency – whatever the effects at a cellular level, for any individual being, the unravelling Shift must happen for the greater good of ALL sentient life – of the totality.

The question was, what to do about the Black Snake?

Transmutation through the Torus

An ancient Tibetan meditation practice involves breathing the density of the field in through the chakras and then transmuting it as rising kundalini up the vortex of the Torus. It’s the abode of aligned, elemental, quantum field energy – the dancing weave around the singularity that the chakra points connect into.

This Black Snake energy must not be polarised. If it is, it feeds off the energy you project and then embeds you stronger in the old construct. It binds in deeper. Instead, those who have the capacity to work in a more evolved way, can bring the wayward energy back into the Torus by breathing in the density. It’s highly advanced work – to undertake it, there must be a great deal of coherency through one’s field, or else the Black Snake can simply lodge in the identity layers of the psyche and emotions.

But this is where the Golden Tara comes to the fore. She represents a welcome home for realigning Black Snake energy – to return to its aligned nature as a part of the kundalini rising field. The Golden Tara can bring this wayward Black Snake energy back into the universal fold as the old reality unravels and a new one is formed.

I offer the reflection of this element for those who can resonate and are able to work at that level. At the very least, we must each recognise the nature of this virulent projectional energy out in the field at this time and NOT fuel it. We must look within and see where we close down or get fragmented through the chakras in this density. Let’s not provide fertile ground for density to embed and clog. Let’s take ownership of our creations in the outer, how ever unpleasant, and work to integrate authentic beingness.

Become a Planetary Shift Facilitator

Unfolding into the Golden Age

This is the invitation of the Golden Tara. She’s there for us in the Shift to call upon. But to be clear, it’s about activating that energy in you, that is yours, and resonates authentic beingness of the 6th Density, through the Third Eye. It’s a homing beacon and a palpable sense of belonging. It’s an empowerment, that witnesses empathic reflections in the weaving pattern of reality all around you. It’s something to be celebrated and brought to life within us. It’s a powerful new aspect of the Shift and to be welcomed.

For me, the activation of the Golden Tara represents the clear activation of the new “Golden Age” that has been much prophecised. But to be clear, it’s something that we must each come to access as an energy within. And as the great cleansing of the 3D then completes, it will manifest as a new reality weave in the 6D all around us.

If my sharing resonates and activates an inquiry within you, then explore deeper the evolutionary work of Openhand, which has been crafted to meet the complexity of this tremendous planetary shift we’re all undergoing…

Openhand Ascension Portal

Bright blessings

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