The Montauk Project

The Montauk Project

From Lightnet News Double Issue #7/8 – Aug 1998

In the last issue we used the work of Nikola Tesla as an example of genius who in his later life was ostracised for going against the scientific norms of possibility and the social norms of economic acceptability. It has been reported that in his 70’s he worked on covert projects originating from the Institute of Advanced Physics where he worked along side fellow scientists Einstein and Von Neuman. The operations developed from these initial think tanks would still be viewed by many as beyond belief.

In the last years of World War II the U.S. military forces, mainly under Dr. Von Neuman, previously assistant to Nikola Tesla, focused their attention on achieving radar invisibility. Tesla later bowed out of the operation in March 1942 due to his lack of confidence in its success, however he appointed Dr Von Neuman to take over. The results of this research have become commonly known as the Philadelphia Experiment, due to the location involved. It was a the Philadelphia Naval Yard that the SS. Eldridge was wired with high frequency transformers and charged for the purpose of creating a cloaking device. On August 12. 1945 the Eldridge did disappear and returned four hours later with a great many distortions. The molecular structure of the ship and its crew had obviously been disintegrated and reformed, as some of the crew members returned with their bodies integrated into the steel bulk-head of the ship, other members of the crew were missing.

The story of this experiment has been most vividly described by two brothers who jumped off the ship while moving through hyperspace and found themselves to have travelled forward in time and space. The time was 2am August 12, 1983 the place Montauk, Long Island where a similar experiment had been set into operation to link with the Eldridge, in order to destroy the generators on board the ship which were out of control.

The story of the two brothers, Duncan and Edward Cameron is both complicated and interesting and is a subject well worth considering. The experiment that the Cameron brothers projected forward to in time was known as the Rainbow Project but was later renamed the Phoenix Project once the connection to 1943 had been made. This project was conducted in an ex-naval airforce base situated at Montauk Point on the far eastern coast of the State of New York. The success of the project allowed for the development of further projects. Von Neuman concentrated on how to overcome the problems that had arisen during the Philadelphia Experiment, which involved developing and refining the technology involved and with resolving the metaphysical questions of how to stabilise the consciousness of those travelling through hyperspace. The chain of events from the Philadelphia Experiment in 1943 to the Phoenix Project in 1983 was a manifestation of the lines of research and development explored by the U.S. Military Forces which incorporated many of the top Nazi scientists and engineers who up until the end of the war were producing space transportation and weaponry far in advance of the Allied Forces. This research and development has given rise to, among other things, the computer technology we use today, the radar invisibility of the Stealth Bomber and a range of metaphysical experiments which became the most recent topic of investigation carried out at the Montauk Base.

In 1951 the SS. Eldridge was sold to the Greek Navy, apparently the log book had been tampered with, every page prior to 1944 had been torn out. To this day the U.S. government deny that any such experiment took place on board the Eldridge.

The inside story of the Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk Project have been brought to light by Preston Nichols, Duncan Cameron and author/journalist Peter Moon. This adventure into the mysteries of time and space makes fascinating reading, for the web it weaves is without beginning or end. Due to official denial of the existence of these research projects, the development of mind altering techniques have also been developed along side the main research to be used on those involved in project operations as a means of assuring secrecy.

In the early ’70’s Preston Nichols, an electrical engineer was given a grant to study mental telepathy. His research involved monitoring the responses of various psychics; to his surprise he found that at the same time of everyday their minds would be jammed and they were unable to think effectively. Suspecting interference from an electronic signal, Preston Nichols used radio equipment to monitor the air waves for incoming signals. He found that whenever a 412-420mhz cycle appeared on the air the psychics’ minds were jammed. When the 412-420mhz cycle was off the psychics would open back up after about twenty minutes. (p16 Montauk Experiments in Time)

Nichols set out to trace this signal using a modified TV antenna attached to the roof of his car and a VHF receiver, he tracked the signal to Montauk Point. The signal was coming directly from a red and white radar antenna on the Air Force base. The anomaly posed to Nichols was that this type of radar was an antiquated model originally used in W.W.II as a radar defence system known as a Sage Radar. Nichols found a high security presence around the base who gave him very little useful information. There was no more connection between Nichols and the Naval Air Force base at Montauk until 1984. A friend told Nichols that the base had been abandoned and was worth checking out. When Nichols arrived at the base he was amazed to find it in a state of abandonment which suggested some sort of emergency evacuation. He found all sorts of high voltage equipment and many scattered documents, showing that the base had recently been in operation. Nichols sort to find out who owned the equipment since he was a collector of electronics equipment. However no official department wanted to claim ownership, it seemed officially the base had not been in operation. Eventually Nichols was given clearance to go into the base and pick up any equipment he found. It was during this visit to the Montauk Base that Nichols began to experience anomalies between his memories and his encounters. For instance he met a homeless man who had been sheltering on the base since it had been abandoned. This man recognised Nichols as one of the technicians who had been involved with the running of the base and also remembered that Nichols had gone AWOL just before the experiment went crazy and the base had to be evacuated. Preston had no conscious recollection of these events and gave it little serious thought until he was similarly recognised at ham radio festivals on a number of other occasions. These encounters began to bring about shifts in Preston’s consciousness. In the same year Preston met Duncan Cameron who became involved in his research with mental telepathy.

Preston and Duncan went to the Montauk Base to investigate the anomalies and the signals that had been transmitted from the Sage Radar. Whilst there, Duncan began to unravel many layers of consciousness, part of which involved his role in the purpose of the base. Some of this experience has been recorded on video and shows Duncan in an obvious state of distress. During this traumatic release Duncan remembered his role in the project as the psychic projector, where he stabilised and focused the web of kundalini energy and visual images, which were then amplified through a highly developed computer system and used to create the portal through which matter could be projected into a different time or space or brought into matter on the Montauk Base. The development of these experiments involved a great cost to human life, according to Al Bielek 1/4 million street kids went missing over a number of years through the 24 bases connected to this operation. The project particularly relied on the potential electromagnetic energy of young pubescent boys who underwent various sorts of maltreatment in the process of exploring the nature and use of this energy.

It also became apparent that Preston had been programmed to operate on two different time tracks. During the surfacing of his suppressed memories, Preston began to experience lost time and the occurrence of unsynchronised events, for example he would frequently find that during his working day his hands would become damaged and treated with a plaster without any conscious recollection on his part of how or when this had happened. At the time Preston was working for a defence contractor on Long Island. Determined to know more, he found the most effective method for releasing his blocked memories was to follow his gut reactions as he walked around the plant. One particular room made him feel positively irritated. He tried to gain access to this room but found he didn’t have the security clearance to enter. Over the coming weeks Preston pursued his investigation, the lost time experiences were continuing and he continued to follow his body messages. One day he dared to cross a security clearance point by following the proceedure of handing in his ID and to his surprise his security clearance badge was handed to him and he was allowed to go through. Preston followed his churning stomach and found himself in a posh mahogany panelled office and on the desk was his name plate which read “Preston B. Nichols, Assistant Project Director.” Going through the papers Preston realised he had an entire second career, that consciously he knew nothing about. Preston’s experiences go on, but enough has been given here to signify the nature of the intrigue and complexity of these peoples’ story, suffice to say Preston later realised how he came to have so many injuries to his hands. While operating as Assistant Project Director he was involved in developing and designing some highly technical equipment which involved a lot of shunting around of heavy machinery, whereby his hands were frequently being caught and injured.

The full extent of the experiences involved in the Montauk Project stretches through four fascinating books written by Preston Nichols and Peter Moon, who provide many sources of verification for their Montauk experiences, along with videos, photographs and documentation. There is also the account given by Stewart Swerdlow, who was one of the Montauk boys, experimented on during the operation. There are many unexpected events along the unfolding of this story bringing in people, places, beliefs and practices, from the beginning of time to the present day. For the time being we will focus on the main findings of the project as they have been revealed to Preston Nichols, Duncan Cameron, and Peter Moon. Although some of the objectives of the Montauk project were to use the results for the manipulation and mind control of the population at large and of specific task directed individuals* the human potentials revealed by their research can also be used to bring upliftment, inspiration and empowerment.

*individuals programmed to live in mainstream society until called upon to carry out their subliminal programme, such plants have frequently been used for assinations, drug and arms trafficking and other covert operations. The life experiences of Cathy O’Brian told in her book Tanceformation America is a testimony of how such individuals are utilised.

It is of great significance that the Montauk Base is located on the tribal lands of the Alganquin Indians. The original name for the site is ‘Manatuck’ an indiginous name given to a hill or high land, as a place for seeing (or being seen) far off or a place for observation.

An old book dated 1911 and entitled ‘Historic Long Island’ contains a photograph of the ‘Pyramids of Montauk,’ the plate shows three pyramids or mounds about 20 feet high. The significance of this finding is compounded by the esoteric tradition which recognises Montauk as a planetary energy point that is linked with Mars and Egypt, and with the fact that the chief of the remaining Montauk Tribe carries the family name of Pharaoh.

Legend also connects Montauk to Atlantis and this is geologically born out by the fact that the structure of the earth at Montauk is very different from the rest of Long Island “it is very much like an extended mountain that reaches above the sea. Some say that it is a remnant of ancient Atlantis that didn’t sink and that the Montauk Indians are derived from the ancient Atlantians. The royal family name of Pharaoh is very suggestive of this particular theory.” ” Long Island is believed by most geologists to have found its current place from ancient glaciers pushing down from the North Pole.” (p54 Pyramids of Montauk by Preston Nichols and Peter Moon) In terms of sacred geometry Montauk is 100 degrees from the Great Pyramid at Cairo and if the Earth is divided into a dodecahedron, Montauk is on the same parallel as Olympus in Greece (the home of the gods) and the mythological city of Troy in present day Turkey, which was supposed to be in its glory at the time Atlantis finished sinking.

Also the naval air force base of Camp Hero is built on a sacred Indian burial ground and its legal ownership is still up for dispute. The remaining Montauk tribe will first have to fight the legal ruling of the New York State that has declared them to be extinct. Sacred sites have been chosen as burial grounds because bones contain the crystalline structures of the being who used them and so establishes a link to the beings life information which is then stored within the energy grid. This permits communication with the dead and allows a continuous growth of consciousness to be disseminated through the energy grid of the planet.

During the Montauk Experiments Duncan Cameron became the vital link to the circulatory system of the planet. With extensive psychic training and esoteric technology he would tap into the “heartbeat” of Mother Earth to become conversant with the various energies along the grid, extracting or feeding information into it, depending on the directions he was given. Thoughts could be programmed to the masses, even the entire consciousness of time could be influenced. However unbeknown to the powers that be, information downloaded at the planetary energy points cannot be manipulated. So although they sort to select and direct the information channelled into the morphogenic field of the Earth’s consciousness, their hidden and subliminal information was also being disseminated, in fact they were actually broadcasting to the whole of creation and in effect they were helping to speed up the evolution of consciousness.

The results of the Montauk Experiments give us more indications of the hidden potentials of human beings. If it was possible for one sensitive person to materialise from the ether the objects of his thoughts and also to play with the web of time and space, to create a vortex into the past and future. Then it is possible for all humans beings to achieve similar results. If we leave it to others to expand our awareness we will not be able to develop our own imagination which is the way for us to master our own manifestation of reality.

Duncan Cameron’s role was to bring psychic images into manifestation for the purpose of creating an artificial reality so as to provide a continuum around the time travellers so that they could maintain an assemblage of reality in their consciousness until they reached their destination. This was achieved through channelling sexual energy and was linked to earlier experiments of sex magic ceremonies carried out by Aliester Crowley, Scientologists’ Ron Hubbard and his associates. Both the Montauk Experiment and Crowley’s experiments revealed that when sexual energy is generated by the tantric emotional orgasm and is channelled into the Earth’s grid at a power point, the power of the thoughts, feelings and visualisations during the time of orgasmic bliss are intensified. This both speeds up the time needed for the realisation or manifestation of these thoughts and visualisation and also increases the charge of the input of this awareness into the collective consciousness. These experiments verify the power we have in our own consciousness and the abilities we can develop to determine our own realities.

The compartmentalism of consciousness used and developed during the Montauk Experiment on both the victims on whom these experiments in psychic development were practised and on the supporting staff and technicians who run the experiments, reveals how the consciousness of self/spirit can be pushed out of the body, leaving a space to re-programme different personalities into compartments within the consciousness. Each personality having a separate programme with different keys, signals frequencies, events and commands to activate them. These practices show us thorough extreme examples how the rest of the population operates during their everyday life albeit on a far subtler level. How the multi-layered personality holding a set of varying and contrasting values, manages to keep the inner working of its thoughts and feelings out of reach of its self observing consciousness and how often the energies created by these varying compartments of consciousness bleed through into everyday expression as distortions of attitude and motive. Through school, work, the media, and advertising we are given paradigms of acceptable stimulus and response through which we should operate. When the barriers between these different commands, expectations, hopes and desires break down through conflict or strain we experience a nervous breakdown or ‘schizophrenia’. It is during these times that the light of our original self/spirit can shine through and show us a far greater paradigm of who we really are. When we can use our own consciousness to observe its many parts and transform the opposing factions to form an integrated and co-ordinated being living in harmony with itself we can then enter the frequency of self mastery.

Overall the Montauk Experiment has shown that what we have been told of reality is by far more complex, that the potentials of our creativity are extremely more dynamic and that our place in time and space is way beyond the concepts of linear existence.

During the construction of this issue of the LightNet News, which has primarily focused on creativity and manifestation it has been a blessing of synchronicity that in reply to my own needs I have come to know of Sai Baba who I am now beginning to realise as a master of manifestation and as a loving and beautiful example of what is possible.

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