The Montauk Project’s Time Portal

The Montauk Project’s Time Portal

Staff Writer Sally Suddock, Cosmiverse

The Eldridge
The Eldridge

One of the unsolved mysteries in what’s believed to be advanced experiments by the U.S. military is the Montauk Project, an exercise reported to have been undertaken by the Navy as far back as 1943–“cloaking” the USS Eldridge into invisibility and opening time portals.

“The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time,” by Peter Moon in 1992 delved into the mystery and called it “one of the most amazing and secretive research projects in recorded history.”

In 1943, the Eldridge was a newly commissioned destroyer escort vessel, stationed in the Philadelphia Navy Yard. “The objective of this experiment was to make the ship undetectable to radar and while that was achieved, there was a totally unexpected and drastic side effect. The ship became invisible to the naked eye and was removed from time and space as we know it,” says Moon.

“Although this was a remarkable breakthrough in terms of technology, it was a catastrophe to the people involved. Sailors had been transported out of this dimension and returned in a state of complete mental disorientation and horror. Some were even planted into the bulkhead of the ship itself. Those who survived were discharged as ‘mentally unfit’ or otherwise discredited and the entire affair was covered up,” he says.

The complex and frequently bizarre tale of the Montauk Project and Moon’s research is detailed at

As Moon tells it, the experiments continued at Brookhaven National Laboratories after World War II, under the direction of mathematician and computer Dr. John von Neumann , who had directed the technical aspects of the Philadelphia Experiment. “His new orders were to find out what made the mind of a man tick and why people could not be subjected to inter-dimensional phenomena without disaster,” says Moon, adding that Von Neumann drew on data from Nazi psychological research during the war. “Von Neumann attempted to couple computer technology with sophisticated radio equipment in an attempt to link people’s minds with machines. Over time, his efforts were quite successful,” says Moon.

“After years of empirical experimentation, human thoughts could eventually be received by esoteric crystal radio receivers and relayed into a computer which could store the thoughts in terms of information bits. This thought pattern could in turn be displayed on a computer screen and printed out on a piece of paper. These principles were developed and the techniques were enhanced until a virtual mind reading machine was constructed. Ultimately, the Montauk Project obtained a superior understanding of how the mind functions and achieved the sinister potential for mind control.”

Congress halted the project in the late 1960s, said Moon, but it started up again in 1972 as a “massive private mind control experimentation” at an decommissioned Air Force research facility at Camp Hero, at Montauk Point, New York.

“Over the years, the Montauk researchers perfected their mind control techniques and continued to delve further into the far reaches of human potential. By developing the psychic abilities of different personnel, it eventually got to the point where a psychic’s thoughts could be amplified with hardware and illusions could be manifested both subjectively and objectively. This included the virtual creation of matter. All of this was unparalleled in the history of what we call ordinary human experience,” said Moon.

“Once it was discovered that a psychic could manifest matter, it was observed that the manifestation could appear at different times, depending upon what the psychic was thinking. It was this line of thinking and experimentation, which led to the idea that one, could bend time itself. After years of empirical research, time portals were opened with massive and outrageous experiments being conducted. The Montauk Project eventually came to a bizarre climax with a time vortex being opened back to 1943 and the original Philadelphia Experiment.”

Moon said he began his research into the USS Eldridge and the Montauk project after meeting Preston Nichols, an electronics engineer who was working for a Long Island defense contractor in research into psychic telepathy. Nichols found that persistent radio waves were interfering with his research, and traced the waves to Montauk. There, says Moon, Nichols found that personnel recognized him as having worked there, although Nichols had no such memory.

Together, Moon and Nichols found others who had distant memories of Montauk and concluded that some of these workers had experienced lives in two separate, but parallel times. And, they found links to the Montauk site from the Pyramids and ancient ritual grounds of the New York Montauk Indians. Moon said the Montauk project ended in August of 1983, when “a full-blown time portal was fully functioning, but things were out of control.” One of the previous workers at the site, he said, recalled being a subject on the original USS Eldridge. He “called together a group of people and decided to crash (destroy) the project. People who had been working on the base suddenly abandoned it. The air shafts and entrances to the major underground facility beneath the base were subsequently filled with cement. The full circumstances behind all of this remain a mystery to this day.”

Today, working on a fourth book on the Montauk experiment, Moon and Nichols believe that the site is among several ancient grid point vortices on Earth, capable of transportation into other dimensions of time and space.

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