The Vital Importance of Healing Our Ancestral Karma

The Vital Importance of Healing Our Ancestral Karma

Karma is what’s brought us, as Souls, into incarnation so as to heal and integrate. Essentially it’s where we lose our memory or full integration as the God Source. We then build erroneous lifestyles and landscapes around us that don’t truly serve. We may heal the Soul through past life regression therapy. But healing ancestral karma through our DNA requires an augmented approach. It’s about honouring the journey of our Ancestors and making an energetic commitment to change.

The Karmic Bed of the Soul’s Stream

Primary karma is that of the Soul – where it identifies upon entry into the lower densities of the 4D and below. In an unrealised Soul (unrealising of the One in given circumstances), then the soul fragments. You could liken it to creating eddy currents in the flow as a mountain stream flows over a boulder. These eddy currents then draw in debris, which creates karmic pain. At a soul level, we must confront the moments where the soul fragments by regressing into them. To then integrate by “reframing” the original incident through acceptance. The fragment of soul is retrieved and the debris then washes away.

That’s all well and good. Plenty of approaches are getting used to that. But then there’s the karmic bed of the stream itself – with all the “boulders”. This can be equated to the physical body itself – the encasement. Specifically one’s DNA, which will have been greatly influenced through the ages. Not just from an evolutionary standpoint. But from the Intervention through genetic hybridisation. And then there’s ancestral karma of our direct family lineage. Enforced and entrenched behaviourisms cause the DNA to shape in a particular way, creating boulders in the stream. It makes it harder for the soul to flow and be expressed freely.

An example is where a particular family lineage has experienced hardship through war time, for example, then built up poverty consciousness as way of being. Or else there’s self worth issues, especially due to the class systems that many of our parents have grown up within. You might feel less than, not good enough. Or else there’s the “glass ceiling” in your evolution, which seems almost impossible to break through. Rest assured, these dynamics do not have to limit you. But you must illuminate, confront, dig them up, and deal with them.

What types of Ancestral karma do we need to become vigilant of?

Our Immediate Bloodline Karma

In our immediate bloodline, poverty consciousness will likely be a major theme – the sense and belief that there’s “never enough”. In many ways, this has been played upon – preyed upon – by the intentional machinations of society. It’s gotten to the extent that you can feel it, sometimes, at a cellular level. As if no matter what you do, there’s seldom seemingly enough. How to break past this?

Dealing with Bloodline Karma is about direct confrontation – really exploring deep into the reactive feelings that trigger visible ancestral patterns and taking ownership of them. Where there’s worry, fear and anxiety. Yes, there’ll be Soul Karma to deal with. But then it’s actually forging into practice the level of trust in the divine necessary to overcome the difficulties and break into the reocurring patterns in the 3D. You’ve got to be prepared to allow the feelings of scarcity – not block them out. But build trust in the divine in these situations by direct confrontation – turning positively into the situations that present, which you fear.

If you know a pathway, a step, or an eventline is calling you, then go for it. Do so in spite of the anxiety. But then to work into it, and through it. Keep reminding yourself that you are of the Divine. Your destined expression of soul will be supported. The space-time-continuum will bend around your authentic beingness and you will create a path of light. No doubt this will confront much triggering and tightness, but that’s how we rewire – how we rewritethe inner coding. There are no shortcuts. Anyone you witness being successful out there has had to do a high degree of this inner forging, whether cognisant of the soul or not.

Here are 7 Types of Poverty Consciousness to confront and breakthrough
Apply this Breakthrough Approach to open the space for new Behaviourisms

Here’s a list of areas to work with due to typical Bloodline Karma:

1) Poverty consciousness: of believing there isn’t enough
2) Coercion/conformity: being forced into patterns and situations that suit the State, but not your soul
3) Lack of Sovereignty: being conditioned to take leadership and authority from someone outside of yourself
4) Worry, fear and anxiety: of the nature of the material and its apparent harshness
5) Neediness in relationships: believing in the need for another or a partner, to fulfill you in life, as opposed to being able to fulfill yourself
6) Stifling creativity: people have been conditioned into lifestyles of “doing” rather than “being”. And this stifles natural creativity, with its ability to shape the field and carve a physical pathway. Expressed creativity is all about rewiring the brain to look for new opportunities and possibilities
7) Paternalism and Maternalism: the true father and mother energies are within you. But people have been conditoned to look for, and need, representations of them in the extrernal. This is clearly necessary as the infant grows. But in adulthood, we must ween off this support and find this anchoring of self-love within.

These are just some of the typical patterns prevalent in society. But good spiritual facilitation will encourage regression into more personal patterning and confinements too. When you look back through your immediate generations, what are the typical limiting patterns of behaviour that replicate? Likewise, what are the admirable qualities that you can build upon?

Root Nation Karma

If we were able to trace our lineage all the way back to its beginnings here on the planet, we’d find we each belonged to a particular “Root Nation” with particular skills, traits and qualities. Perhaps all of these will have been endowed with a “sprinkling of stardust”. We’ve had support and help from the Star Being Nations to forge Soul and create the physical encasement of our being. This happened right at the original seeding of humanity during Lemurian times.

Read About the Seeding of Humanity in the Book DIVINICUS

These Lemurian traits are phenomenal to bring alive. We can indeed “go back to the future” and reanimate these divine gifts, to uplift and illuminate our lives. It’s something we’re heftily focussed on right now in the Openhand work as the Star Being Nations draw ever closer in the Shift. This involves digging up what blocks and gets in the way.

Namely, the Intervention took this original seeded DNA and hybridised it – downgraded it, to fit within the much restricted Homo Sapiens container. It limits the full expression of soul, because the soul struggles to forge through. It’s as if the bed of the stream has gotten seized up by excessive boulders and debris.

Here are the kinds of challenges from Root Nation Karma to deal with…

1) Being marginalised and cast out
2) Being judged for our race, our creed, our unusual gifts and skills or just our very beingness
3) Being violated and indoctrinated, by religion and belief systems, for example
4) Being made to feel inadequate, because sometimes it proves difficult to make headway in society with your unusual skills and gifts
5) Feeling a sense of injustice, as if all the cards are stacked against you
6) The sense of failure, because your value system is different from the mainstream of society, in which it appears difficult to “win”.

If you recognise these traits and patterns, to be clear, there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with you! In fact, each of them is going to be concealing incredible gifts of awareness and divine creativity. But we must first recognise the limiting layers, confront and break into them, so as to unleash these astounding gifts. In other words, we must break down the limiting DNA, so as to create space for our more original configuration to breakthrough.

The Outline Process of Healing Ancestral/Root Nation Karma

The process for dealing with these long lineages of karma is intricate, requiring sophisticated work and facilitation. When working by yourself, it’s important to take it steady, thread by thread, step by step. What do you recognise that wants to come up now? What embedded pattern is revealing itself for you to work through?

A skilled facilitator or organisation can help you regress into long lineages within sessions so as to speed up the process. Here’s an outline of the very latest Openhand Approach:

1) First to anchor yourself in the here and now. This is essential so as not to get unbalanced by the multidimensional
2) Create a safe energetic vessel in which to journey through – especially so as to remove activating implants and any attached entities
3) Regress onto the 4D astral plane and begin to visualise the likely patterns that weave deep into the past
4) Connect with the anchestors and elders that might be woven into those lineages and holding them in place
5) Honour their pain, and their trauma, but be clear it’s time to advance and move on. Even if there’s nostalgia for the past, a new future awaits
6) Work to let go of grief and injustice. Facilitate them to take ownership of their original soul contract with the Intervention – why did they manifest them in the first place?
7) Help the elders emerge out, to either pass to the angelic realm, ascend and move on, or to now change orientation to act as a bridge for the Shift to the New Paradigm
8) Once the elders have moved on, then work can be done to reshape and realign the 4D morphic blueprint of one’s field, by drawing the light of the Soul into it
9) Finally, we can visualise breaking the limiting patterns we’ve inherited, including any “glass ceilings” of our being, and to feel the reanimation of Original Lemurian DNA that can so uplift our lives.

DIVINICUS, the rise of the New Human, into the Golden Age

In conclusion, we are moving on to a new evolution of humanity – what Openhand is given to call DIVINICUS – within a new Golden Age in 5D/6D/7D. But in order to shift there, we must “go back to the future”. In other words, we need to reclaim our original roots and heritage at the DNA level. Because it can greatly aid the infusion of our Soul-Ray-Harmonic, to thereby bring new creativity, innovation, and possibility to our lives.

Dealing with ancestral and Root Nation Karma is a sophisticated process. It’s definitely manageable over time, but to resolve out this level of density quickly, in a matter of years, will most likely require sophisticated facilitation with much experience in the art.

I trust my article has opened either new, or deeper, awareness into the subject. And if you feel it’s high time to dump the limiting patterns of your ancestors, but then also to reactivate Original Lemurian DNA so as to support your Soul emergence, then Openhand is here to help. Come see how a growing wave of people around the world are empowering themselves in the Great Shift to the Golden Age.

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Bright Blessings

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