Tunnels Underneath the Egyptian Pyramids

Tunnels Underneath the Egyptian Pyramids

Source: Ash’s Mural Gallery

Colourful stories are entertaining… but what interests me is a more succinct picture of what is really going on at Giza, and elswhere, for that matter; Yesterday I was fortunate enough to acquire a video where Dr. James Hurtak spoke at a NEXUS conference in Sydney, Australia, last year. Remember that interesting material on Kent Steadman’s site, which claimed that Hurtak’s team participated in Top Secret archaeological excavations at Giza? well, Hurtak is not messing about; he means business. Due to the great sensitivity of this and related projects he was unable to show more than a limited amount of footage; much of this was for the audience’s eyes only. It was clear, to me at least, that Hurtak was saying a good deal less than he wanted to, but what he did say was extremely provocative. According to him, there is a labyrinth of tunnels and massive vaults, some the size of a cathedral, under Giza, which were put there by an advanced civilisation, and there is a team of scientists working on artifacts and discoveries there from Japan, Europe and America, in what would appear to be a classified project.

Now when Zawi Hawass set up that staged Fox video, the one where he discovers the skeleton (which they had previously put there) and claims to have discovered the symbolic Tomb of Osiris, the good doctor is bull*g, as usual. It was not Hawass, but Hurtak’s team, well-equipped with portable lights and other gear, that unearthed that sarcophagus; and it would appear to the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Just what artifacts, exactly, they discovered further down in those vaults, filled with water (which they drained away with punps) Hurtak did not go into much detail. But he described that the ancients had some kind of self-illuminating light system that derived from a power source, what kind of power source, I don’t know; and showed a clip of a shelf that appeared to have been drilled. He showed a tunnel inside the Sphinx, and what appeared to be two entrances at the rear, one excavated by the team; he said these were connected to the pyramids and to a vast labyrinthine system; also clips of the radar tests they made, which show rectangular chambers under the Sphinx. He made repeated references to what he called the ‘Time Lords’, and an advanced race of higher beings conversant in light-encoding geometries; those same geometries and ‘odd numbers’ present in the fractals at crop circles near Stone Henge and elsewhere; an Enochian language of light and spiritual ascendancy. According to him, humanity is an ‘experiment’ that is about to be ‘harvested’, as we draw closer to a profound change in world consciousness, accompanied by discoveries that will change the face of science beyond recognition; changes such as zero point energy.

According to Hurtak, an advanced race of extraterrestrials or higher beings, of the order of Melchizedek, left a grid of power centers, or time capsules, on the planet, of which the subterranean network under Giza forms a part. He referred also to a major excavation taking place under the pacific, with similar pyramids and vaults there, and in China, which he has visited, and he showed some remarkable clips of mummified people which have been witheld from the public. To be precise, one of them came under the category of ‘creature’, not exactly what I would call human. Some of this footage was from an area known as ‘Shambala’ a remarkable close-up photographic portrait of what looked like a mummified Tibetan, with an extraordinary marking, a 3-d spiral motif that appeared to be branded into, or physically part of his face like some kind of weird red birthmark. He also showed a photograph taken by a colleague of a triangular light-form suspended over Stonehenge, with its apex pointed upwards. This he referred to as a light-form or Merkaba, like the pyramid itself, a symbolic representation of spiritual ascendancy and the flowering of consciousness. Now, he did say a good deal more, but his language gets kind of difficult to follow at times, and I will have to run through it all again; he reminds me of a sort of wild Enochian prophet, a rather charming attribute which will no doubt be used against him by the spookoids and disinformation merchants of this world, may they stew in their own muck, dear, sweet idiots.

Apparently, there is a part two to follow where he will reveal more – how much, remains to be seen. But there is no question, in my opinion, that he himself believes what he is saying, and if anyone has been in a position to know what is going on, it’s probably Dr. Hurtak