UFO Activity Increasing Around The World

UFO Activity Increasing Around The World

Source: George A. Filer, Filer’s Files
Director – Mutual UFO Network Eastern
MUFON Skywatch Investigations
Filer’s Files #29

Reports are coming in from Europe, South America, Australia and the US of a moderate increase in activity despite solar storms.

Illinois Huge Craft Attempts To Land: Downers Grove

Beth Skerrett sent an e-mail stating, “I am writing to you about an occurrence outside our corporate building where I am the admin for the management office. Everything I have to say in second hand, I have not seen anything myself but, at about 8:00 PM on July 12, 2000, the security guard of our sister building called the security guard of my building and asked, “What are all those lights about?” The sister building is north of us, and the lights were apparently to the south of the building. The guard went out to the south parking lot and saw “a huge object that was trying to land in the parking lot”. He said, “It was as long as eight buses, and almost as high.” He said it was a dark silver/blue with a goldish strip across it, and underneath looked concave. He said, “The UFO hovered over the parking lot for almost a minute without making any sound.” At that time some of our tenants came out because this object was right outside their window. Even the entire cleaning crew saw it as well. Then he said, “The object, this ‘silver ball’, shot up into the air and off to the west moving so fast it was hard to track.” It appeared to pause over the town of Aurora, about 15 miles away for several seconds before departing. What is odd is that none of the tenants will talk, report to the police or the news media. I wonder how many things like this happen, and people just see it, and then go on their way? Thanks to Beth Skerrett

Editor’s note: We figure we are lucky to obtain 10% of the sighting reports. By coincidence I spent part of last week in Downers Grove with a beautiful view of the area, and did not see a thing. Flying home to New Jersey, I had a red UFO flying formation with us, I’m sorry to report it was a star was hiding in and out of the clouds making it look like I had company.

Texas UFO as big as football field: Graham Young County

A friend and co-worker had a sighting northwest of Fort Worth on Thursday, July 13, 2000, at 10:28 PM. His name is Jerry Fox and he is a Corrections Officer. Both he and his wife were witness to a very large UFO hovering about 2000 feet off the ground northeast of their home. He said that he was laying on the couch watching TV when he became aware of light filling his living room. He called to his wife to go outside with him. They observed white lights, perfectly round with half-moons on the side, which would indicate that the object was round in shape. The size was as big as a football field. He jumped in his car to get a closer look, but about that time, it vanished. The next day, Jerry was visibly shaken. It had been only the day before that we had been discussing UFOs and he was clearly a skeptic, giving me sideways glances when I mentioned that I had seen several of them in years’ past. Thanks to Donna J. Bullock

Colorado Long Yellow Cylinder: Thornton

I was out having a cigarette break at work on July 6, 2000. Noticing the colours at the beginning of the sunset around 8:30 PM, I noticed a bright yellow, almost white object coming out of the western sky. Knowing that this was probably the reflection of the sun on an east bound jet. It was partially cloudy, but mostly clear sky. What began to seem strange to me, was that NONE of the other passenger jets were “reflecting” the sunset. When I took a closer look this object did not have any wings visible. It travelled east in a straight line but at a slightly slower speed than the other jets who appeared to be passing it headed for Denver. All through this time, no wings were seen at all. There was no variance in the colour. It maintained a bright yellow, almost white “glow”. As it passed over head, I still did not see any wings, and it made no noise as it passed above the traffic on I-25 to my west. This was when I saw that the middle of the cylinder was narrower than the ends, as if it was two cylinders, that had a “docking area” that met in the middle. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director NUFORC UFO Center.

Nevada UFO Causes Fog: Red Rock Canyon

The witness reports that on July 7, 2000, my life and saw a satellite fly over so, I said, “If we check the time, we can see it again tomorrow night.” The car’s clock read 9:21 PM As I looked up I saw a bright slice of light in a perfect triangle and shouted, “What the hell is that? The light was about 1/4 mile in the sky, just over the mountain closest to us about three miles in front of us. The source of the light was about 10 feet around that pointed straight down with a sharp crispness to it. It was sweeping the ground traveling from southwest to northeast coming toward us. The light swept the ground in about 1/2 mile swath. The light was sharp unlike normal lights. That is, it didn’t travel past the sharp edge of the triangle shape pointing toward the ground. There was a greenish blue glow to the east of it about 60 feet from what appeared to be a craft. The glow appeared like phosphorus in the sky. All we could see of the craft was a thick blackness in an oval saucer shape. It looked as though from the bottom of the craft to the bottom edge of the light that it would be about 6 feet. The light was out over the front edge of the craft, pointing down. The blackness behind and under the light looked to be about 50 feet around with a deep saucer dropping below the craft like a belly. The light was a perfect triangle as it swept the ground. I it was not like a spot light that has an oval shape on the ground. The light was extremely bright white and we could see the ground where it was pointing as if noon day sun. The saucer seemed to be creating some kind of fog that radiated from the craft. It didn’t blast away from the craft and the light left no trail in the fog it was creating. The valley behind it was glowing a bright white and we could clearly make out the shape of the mountain. The light behind the mountain appeared to be from another source and shown like white sun rays out of the valley. The light continued toward us very slowly with absolutely no sound when it got to within half of a mile of us it was gone in the blink of the eye. Five minutes after the craft left, all of Red Rock Canyon filled with fog. The phosphorus greenish blue stayed for 23 minutes and the ground where it had been appeared to show brighter. It was like the sun came out for a while. We could see the field in front of us and the side of the mountain that was behind it. This light faded as the greenish blue glow faded until it was gone. Ten minutes after the craft left, a helicopter flew over making a loud racket that made us realize that the saucer had made no noise at all. The temperature was 96. We sat there for another 1/2 hour, after all signs of it had left and the fog remained. We pulled out of our spot and drove over to the fog and it was completely gone. It took us less than 5 minutes to get to where the fog had been. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC.

Editor’s Note: Many UFOs seem to effect the weather and visibility. We have had some cases where ponds have frozen indicating the propulsion system takes heat or produces cold air. Fog is a large mass of water vapor condensed to fine particles at or just above the earths’ surface. The Puerto Rico report indicates UFOs take large quantities of water on board. The sighting in Turkey below also effected visibility.

UK Crop Circles

David Kingston writes, “There has been an increase in UFO activity this year since the arrival of the Crop Circles in the UK. I have received many reports of “balls of light” that have appeared over fields prior to some of the formations occurring and also some that have appeared after the formations have been formed. Hoaxers make some fields, but when we interviewed the “hoaxers” they saw this strange phenomena while making a formation. These are not natural “Earth Lights.” First, they do not have the same characteristics and second, they appear to be intelligently controlled. Last night at 9:15 PM (GMT) my wife and I were driving home on a clear evening. I noticed the sun reflecting off several aircraft, when my wife pointed out an object travelling at 3500 feet. I pulled the car off the road to watch and it was the size of my thumbnail at arm’s length. It was glowing and then dimming moving far too fast for even a military plane. Suddenly it stopped in mid air, glowed extremely bright and then vanished. Thanks to David Kingston

Oregon Disk: Tualatin

On June 17, 2000, under a clear sky at around 4:00 PM, I had stopped my westbound car in the left turn lane at 90th Court and Tualatin Highway, and while waiting for the signal to change, I observed a silvery disc shape in my line of sight behind the traffic signal moving southward at about 20 degrees above the horizon. The object was the size of a pencil eraser held at arm’s length, and moved only 2 to 3 inches, using the same measure, when it appeared to blink out after only a short time. I am a 51-year-old welder with more than six prior sightings, some in the local area and others in the East dating back several years. More …

Washington: Everett

Ted Demott wrote, “I live in Everett to the east I saw a light of multiple colors flashing on July 18, 2000. I got my telescope and looked at it on the horizon at 11:00 PM. It looked the same as it did with the naked eye. It slowly flew up and down three times and flew southwest leaving a vapor trail that could be seen by the moonlight. Then it stopped before picking up speed flying faster then any thing I have ever seen. While it was moving, the colors turned to white and dimmed. I got my camcorder but could not find it. I called 911 and they referred me to the FAA. I am a pilot so I called my weather briefer who referred me to Kenny Young 206 722-3000 who I reported it. I do not believe in UFO’s but this was something that was very strange. Thanks to Kenny Young and Ted Demott

New Jersey Orange Discs: Long Beach Island

On July 23, 2000, at approximately 11:00 PM while at a beach house on I witnessed three orange disk-like objects flying north to south over the ocean. There was no clouds in the sky and lights were grouped ahead of the other, which trailed behind. They were traveling faster than a plane could. The lights were slightly smaller than the nail on your pinky finger when your arm is held extended. They were visible for less than a minute, possibly 30 seconds, and then disappeared. While looking on the internet this afternoon I read about a similar sighting from 1997, twenty miles north of Atlantic City. If there is a documented explanation for this type of sighting I would appreciate if your could let me know. Thanks to Thomas Baudo

Alien Graphics: The Foreign Technology Division/Wright Patterson AFB

“Alien Graphics?” The graphic images came from a series of approximately 20. These illustrations and/or graphics of an “alien” autopsy were originally broadcast in October 1988 on a 2 hour show called “UFO Cover-up – Live” by Seligman Productions. After seven++ years of checking on the authenticity of these illustrations here is what has been found:

More …