What Advanced Civilisation Can Be Like: The Andromedan Connection

What Advanced Civilisation Can Be Like: The Andromedan Connection

It’s becoming abundantly clear that here in the 3D/4D aspect of Gaia, we are living in a gross engineered simulation, designed to keep souls entrapped. When you consider it in detail, it’s a dim shadow of what advanced, cosmic civilisation can truly be like – living in harmony with nature, and technology, that respects all life and liberates souls in the mutual journey of evolutionary freedom. Such is the nature of Andromedan civilisation. I’d say it’s the pinnacle of what humanity can currently aim for.

The Simulation Plays on the Fear of the Unknown

It’s becoming abundantly clear, life on the planet right now is far from free. The benefit of the bogus pandemic, and the various shadow machinations of the last few years, is that for those truly inquiring, it’s become abundantly clear that, there’s some kind of controlling force pulling all the strings.

In the Openhand work over the years here, we’ve been steadily exposing the layers of this Alien Intervention – working to realign reptilians, greys and then healing out the Annunaki. It brought us to the final layer – the very fabric that weaves the simulation itself: that of an ancient entity called, Ra. So clever is this ‘God-like’ being, it’s woven its way into every aspect of life here on the planet and in society. Here’s a deeper understanding of the entity, Ra.

Ra has preyed upon the young soul’s perceived need for some kind of protection, community, direction, resource, and especially religious and spiritual guidance. It feels incredibly lonely at first, having to take responsibility and doing the essential inner work yourself – claiming sovereignty, and trusting in the state of not-knowing. Being in that total vulnerability, but instead of clamouring ‘out there’ for the immediate answer, rather getting accustomed to this place of the unknown within.

Explore the Nature of the Simulation in Order to Break Free

Resurrection from Simulation

It takes some doing. Some journeying. But for those needing the ready and expedient answer, the safe shores of predictability, Ra has provided himself as the all-seeing ‘father’. Downloading energy from the Sun, manipulating it through the Moon, and then projecting through the morphic fields to install a cloud consciousness upon humanity and the Earth. Now you get everything you need, spoonfed on a plate – the ‘saviour’, out there, looking after all your needs. Apparently.

Except, in this cosseted, blanketed state, there is no soul freedom. Every pathway on every plane within the 3D/4D is carefuly manipulated by AI-enhanced synthetic beings to project the delusion of the simulation. You really have to WANT to break free. But when you are ready, when you’re prepared to explode the neediness, the grasping and struggling for outcomes in their ever-spinning wheel, then you will put a spanner in its works in your own life. You can start to unravel it and break free.

This is exactly what Openhand’s new book, RESURRECTION is all about

The question is, why is the simulation so compelling to so many people?

Comparing the Nature of Advanced Civilisation

I’d say the reason the simulation is so compelling, why so many acquiesce to it, is because it’s a simulation of something their soul yearns for. It’s the dimmed light of the possibility that they’re reaching out for. That is, advanced “civilisation” in the true meaning of the word. Something, that perhaps many can recall from other star systems.

(image by alpha awakenings)

What are the tenets of truly advanced civilisation? There are undoubtedly many. Here are my top nine…

1) There’s a pulling together in harmony of purpose
2) Everyone is respected and provided space for their own journey
3) Nature is completely respected – there’s compassionate loving harmony with it
4) The uniqueness in everyone is honoured
5) Everyone has access to the latest perceptions of truth and is encouraged to contribute to these perspectives
6) All are encouraged and supported in finding their own divine connection within
7) Resources are shared equally – everyone is given the space to create, express and to be
8) Learning environments are provided, where the soul is encouraged to grow in its own right
9) Above all, the sovereign, free choice of all, is deeply honoured and respected.

If you squint in a blinkered enough way, you could consider for a brief moment, that the simulation is working towards some of these possibilities. But it’s in a very cosseted, nanny-like way, that’s top-down, contained and constrained, designed to fulfill the desires, manipulations and control, of only the elites – those at the top of the pyramid. It’s a dim shadow of the distant possibility of truly advanced civilisation, that we yearn for at the soul level. Where all is shared equally and all are respected.

Considering the Andromedans

The Andromedans are such a race that have achieved the level of sophistication, which I allude to. And in fact, they have had some involvement in supporting the early emergence of humanity, before the Intervention took over. Andromedan star souls are incarnated here today, with their particular configurations of light, that can resonate and bring expanded possibility alive in others.

(image by alpha awakenings)

What I personally love about how they create reality, is their masterful ability to encompass art within their science – the two are seamlessly interrelated. The Mandalas of the Tibetans are a classic example of the application of this phenomena on Earth. The Mandala is a metaphoric means of accessing the highest wisdom and truth through sacred geometry.

As we’ve experienced in the Openhand work, the Mandala can be a way of bringing the light body of one’s Merkabah active – interrelating with the toroidal Flower of Life. It’s the sense of vibrant interconnectivity.

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Andromedans Here in Support during the Shift

In my experience, feeling them through the ether, a wave of Andromedan star beings now sit on the outer edges of our solar system, ready to support humanity in the great shift to 5D/6D/7D. However, we need to understand why their support can only be limited at this time…

The soul of humanity yearns for freedom, yes. But it’s also still in a very young state. Many people likewise yearn for protectionism and paternalistic cosseting – hence a broad swathe of the population have manifested the shadow of Ra. If the Andromedan and other Star Being nations give energy to human souls, they risk, at this time, also giving energy to Ra! They simply will not do that. 

That’s why you’ve got to be totally free and sovereign in your own field before they can truly support you and your path of emergence in the Shift.

Here’s how the Andromendans Can Support Your Journey of Emergence

And so at this time, many of the Star Being Nations sit on the periphery of our reality. Holding the space and a steady vibration that illuminates the pathway into the new paradigm – inside ourselves.

The Requirement for Your Own Inner Work

Let’s be abundantly clear – wherever there is spoonfeeding channeling or guidance, that removes the need for you to do your own inner work, or hand over power to some externalised source – the “Saviour” complex – then it’s clear you’re handing over power to some dupe within the simulation.

It’s something I illuminated in detail in the new Openhand book RESURRECTION.

Advanced Civilisation: A Dream to be Resurrected

Advanced civilisation IS possible. I do believe it is what the soul of humanity is truly yearning for. And the Andromedans can offer a beautiful reflective blueprint of that. With that in mind, I felt to share this video which resonated strongly with me. It provides the sense of what I know personally to be advanced Andromedan civilisation. I find it awe-inspiring. Just by expressing it, I feel it starts to untangle the simulation from one’s being.

I don’t agree with all that is put forward. For example, it definitely was NOT the Andromedans that created the Egyptian civilisation of Atlantis – that definitely was the Annunaki and Ra, whereupon they hybridised and downgraded Original Humans into Homo Sapiens. It demonstrates just how essential it is to question everything, and hold the question till you find your own truth. But that said, I find this a heart-warming inspirational visualisation of what is possible.

Hence take the video more in a metaphoric sense. Let it stimulate your imagination and inspire you to break down this insipid simulation in your life and from your being. What do you dream of? What is possible? Ask for nothing less than the real thing…

If you wish to unravel the simulation from your being, and set sail into the New paradigm of truly unlimited possibility, then explore the advanced evolutionary work of Openhand…

Openhand Ascension Portal

Bright blessings

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