What will happen to us when the Anunnaki return to Earth in 2022?

What will happen to us when the Anunnaki return to Earth in 2022?

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Understanding the secret world of the Anunnaki: Concepts, Terminology And secrets.

What Is Mah-RIT? Is It Anunnaki Steroids?

Mah-RIT is humanity’s early form/formula of what we call today steroids; an early genetic product created by the Anunnaki in the ancient Phoenician city of Amrit, in Syria co-built by the remnants of the Anunnaki and early Phoenicians from Tyre and Sidon.

Amrit is one of the most puzzling, mysterious and enigmatic cities in recorded history.

It was the stage for a cosmic war between many ancient nations; the birth of the “Olympiads”; and the world’s first Anunnaki-Phoenician medical centre.

But recent archaeological excavations on the Island of Arwad revealed that this island gave birth to the “Olympiads”, and not Amrit as it was suggested by historians. Mah-RIT was first used by Inanna when she created the first 7 prototypes of the human race.

Phoenicians used Mah-Rit quite often. It was supplied by the priests of the god Melkart.

What Is The Anunnaki ME.nou-Ra?

MEnour “ME.nou-Ra” is a sort of light (Plasma laser) used by the Anunnaki to purify the body and thoughts. All Anunnaki students entering the classroom in an Anunnaki Academy must purify their bodies and minds. The purification exercise occurs inside a small room, entirely made of shimmering white marble.

In the middle of the room, there is a basin, made of the same material, and filled with a substance called Nou-Rah Shams; an electro-plasma substance that appears like ‘liquid-light.’ It actually means, in Anakh, The Liquid of Light.

Nou, or Nour, or sometimes Menour, or Menou-Ra, means light. Shams means sun. Nour in Arabic means light. The Ulema in Egypt, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon use the same word in their opening ceremony. Sometimes, the word Nour becomes Nar, which means fire. This is intentional, because the Ulemas, like the Phoenicians, believed in fire as a symbolic procedure to purify thoughts.

Anunnaki Code Predictions And Revelations

What is the Anunnaki Code?

The Anunnaki Code is an effective tool to foresee forthcoming events in the immediate and long-term future. The expression or term “foreseeing” is never used in the Anakh language and by extraterrestrials because they don’t foresee and predict.

They just calculate and formulate. In spatial terms, they don’t even measure things and distances, because time and space do not exist as two separate “presences” in their dimensions.

However, on Ashtari (Nibiru to others), Anunnaki are fully aware of all these variations, and the human concept of time and space, and have the capability of separating time and space, and/or combining them into one single dimension, or one single “frame of existence”. Anunnaki understand “time” differently from us. For instance, on Nibiru, there are no clocks and no watches. They are useless. Then you might ask: “So, how do they measure time? How do they know what time is it… now or after 10 minutes, or in one hour from now?” The answer is simple: If you don’t need time, you don’t need to measure it.

However, on Ashtari, Anunnaki experience time and space as we do on earth. And they do measure objects, substances, distances and locations as we do on earth. But they rarely do.
The Anunnaki (in addition to the Nordics and Lyrans) are the only known extraterrestrials in the universe to look like humans, and in many instances, they share several similarities with the human race. This physiognomic resemblance explains to a certain degree, the reason for Anunnaki to use “time”.
To “calculate and formulate” information and to acquire data, Anunnaki consult the “Code Screen”. Consulting the screen means: Reading “Events Sequences”.

Every single event in the cosmos in any dimension has a code; call it for now a “number”.

Nothing happens in the universe without a reason. The universe has its own logic that the human mind cannot understand. In many instances, the “logic of Numbers” dictates and creates events. And not all created events are understood by the extraterrestrials. This is why they resort to the “Code Screen”.

Activation of the “Code Screen”
Activating the Code requires two actions or procedures:

1: Preparing the grid or cadre

This demands clearing all the previous data stored in the “pockets” of the net. “Net” resembles space net as usually used by quantum physics scientists. They do in fact compare space to a net. According to their theories, the “net” as the landscape of time and space bends under the weight of a “ball” rotating at a maximum speed. The centrifugal effect produced by the ball alters the shape of the net, and consequently the fabric of space. And by altering space, time changes automatically. And as time changes, speed and distances change simultaneously.

Same principle applies to stretching and cleaning up the net of the screen containing a multitude of codes of the Anunnaki. “Pockets” means the exact dimension and space an object occupies on the universe net or landscape.

No more than one object or one substance occupies one single pocket; this is by earth standard and human level of knowledge. In other parallel words, more than one object or one substance can be infused in one single pocket. But this could lead to loss of memory.

Yes, objects and substances have memory too, just like human beings; some are called:
a-“space memory”,
b-“time memory”,
c-“string memory”,
d-“astral memory”,
e-“metal memory”, etc…the list is endless.

Thus, all pockets containing previous data are cleared. And now they are ready to absorb and store new data. How do they clear the data? I have no clues. And no human on the face of the earth knows!

2: Feeding the “Pockets”: Retrieving Data

All sorts and sizes of data are retrieved and stored through the “Conduit”.
The “Conduit” is an electroplasmic substance implanted into the cells of the brain. I am not going to repeat the lengthy description of the characteristics and properties of the “Conduit”. Please refer to the book “Anunnaki Encyclopedia”.

3: Viewing the Data

Retrieved data and information are viewed through the “Miraya”, also called “Cosmic Mirror”. Some refer to it as “Akashic Records”. It is not! An in-depth description of the “Miraya” is provided in the book “Anunnaki Encyclopedia”

4: Revisiting the Past

Can the Anunnaki revisit the past? In other words, can they travel back in time? The answer is yes. This concept might seem absurd to many. But quantum physics professors and theorists have already explained this in papers they have published. And once again, let me remind you that I have explained the phenomenon of going back in time in the “Anunnaki Encyclopedia.”

5: Going Forward in the Future

Can the Anunnaki go forward in time and meet with the future? Yes, they can! An Ulema told me that future events have already happened at some level and in some spheres. It is just a matter of a “waiting period” for the mind to see it.

6: Did the Anunnaki Predict Anything?

Yes, they did. But please remember, the Anunnaki do not “predict”. They just “see” the future as briefly explained before. The book “Anunnaki Encyclopedia” listed some of their predictions. Here are some excerpts from the book:

2,034 A.D.: The secret code of the Bible will be revealed. Part of the code will be used
to predict the future. Humanity will finally know the true identity of Yeshua (Jesus), Moshe (Moses) and Mouhammad (Mohammad). The original voice of Jesus in Aramaic, several Biblical figures and greatest personages in our history will be found and recorded on the “Memory Screen” replacing tapes and CDs.

2,031-2,033 A.D.: Humans will have spatial-galactic-extra-sensorial faculties’ implants. And Electro-magnetic telepathy will be developed, thus reducing time and space limitations. Many will be able to revisit the past and foresee the immediate future.

2,029 A.D.: Several American bases will be created on Mars and the moon. The
Americans will reverse the anti-gravity laws. Several stargates will fill our skies, and become fully operational and totally controlled by American scientists.
Humans will be able to store their memory on a computer chip. Cinema will become 3 dimensionally animated. American, Russian and French astrophysicists and scientists will discover and recapture voices and sounds from humanity’s past, going back to the dawn of creation.

2,028 A.D. : The Vatican becomes an icon of the past. Life expectancy in the United States (lifespan average) will become 130 years. Americans will conquer many diseases, to name a few: AIDS, cancer, Alzheimer, thanks to new technology and very advanced scientific knowledge gained from extraterrestrials.

Official extraterrestrial embassies and delegations will be established on earth.

2,027-2,026 A.D.: By November 2,026, The United States will resurface as a major key player in world’s affairs and regain its universal leadership. The American Dollar will have a face-lift. Puerto Rico becomes a major spatial base for extraterrestrials. Many extraterrestrial bases will be created on earth, the majority in the United States.

By the end of 2,027, the United States will emerge as the absolute and ultimate power on earth, and will intensify its cooperation with several extraterrestrial civilizations. This will lead to the creation of a new extraterrestrial-terrestrial lexicon on earth.

2,026 A.D.: A new powerful and global religion will be established on earth, created by new scientific development and a direct contact with extraterrestrial civilizations. Many will convert to this new religion except the Muslims. Islam and a form of extraterrestrial-spiritual religion will become the two major religions on earth. Islamabad will be declared the official capital of Islam on earth.

The United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia will fall in the hands of the World Islamic Council controlled by Pakistan.

India will lose Kashmere.

2,025 A.D.: Afro-Americans become the majority in the United States. Islam will unify all Muslim countries, and several Islamic countries will acquire the atomic bomb. Muslims in Europe will constitute 72% of the French population, 64% of the Scandinavian countries, and 91% of the African Continent.
A major military confrontation between Muslim countries and Israel will decimate many nations on the globe. Tibet will become an independent country.

A military alliance between Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia and 29 Muslim countries will shift the world’s military, nuclear, commerce and peace balance.

England will be totally alienated in Europe.

However, by the end of 2,025 England will regain global influence. Lebanon will be fully absorbed by Islam, and a major Christian Lebanese exodus will begin; many will settle in Canada, Brazil and France. Malta will play a major role on the map of world affairs. The Anunnaki will interfere to put an end to the
humans’ madness.

2,022 A.D.: Threat to humanity: 2,022 A.D., September. The Higher Council of the Anunnaki learned that the aliens intend to attack earth on a massive scale by 2,022. A major confrontation with aliens will happen in September 2,022; the consequences are not totally clear, nor predictable.

However, extraordinary events will occur, including global ecological changes, extraordinary advances in medicine, and a global unified monetary system that will unite the market of 125 countries, but the United States will refuse to take part in it, and this refusal could lead to the collapse of the American financial influence worldwide, and force American banks’ branches abroad to go out of business.

The American Dollar is no longer a hard currency.

But the United States will remain a superpower with global influence.

What Is The Secret Meaning Of Haf-nah, The Symbol Of Mushrooms?

The mushroom was a very important symbol in the early Ana’kh

Although it might appear insignificant and silly in the context of extraterrestrial civilizations and Anunnaki’s literature, the mushroom was a very important symbol in the early Anakh (Anunnaki language) scripts given to the Phoenicians and later on to King Solomon. Mushroom in Anak is “Haf-nah”, and it represents many things such as:

6-genetical reproduction;
7-and even a sexual symbol referring to a woman.

Ancient Sumerian, Persian and Phoenicians myths tell us how patriarchs used an extraction from mushroom and mixed it with an Anunnaki female DNA to create a secret race of creatures capable of building huge edifices and temples.

Legend has it that the Templars learned this secret while digging in the basements and underground tunnels of the temple of King Solomon. The Book of RamaDosh elaborated on this mixture and described how “Haf-nah” was used to create an extraordinary quasi-human race capable of performing miracles and teleporting stones of an immense dimension.

In the early Phoenician language, “Haf-na” meant:


Ironically and interestingly enough, if you read the Christian Arabic translation of the Bible you will find this phrase: “Haf-nat Tourab”. And this is mindboggling, because it refers to the creation of Adam, in other words the creation of the human race.

In Arabic, “Haf-na” means:

a-What a hand can grab;
b-A small quantity.

The contemporary meaning of the word “Tourab” in Arabic is:


Now, if you add Haf-na+Tourab, you get this: The hand grabs dirt. And this is how the Christian Arabic Bible interprets the creation of Adam; God grabbed with his hand dirt from the ground.

So, the mushroom, hand, and dirt are enigmatically connected in the creation script of the ancients.

The Mushroom, Anunnaki and Knights Templar

The meaning of the name of the great Perseus, founder of the Perseid Dynasty, and builder of the Citadel of Mycenae is: “The Place of the Mushroom”, and various illustrations of the mushroom appear abundantly on churches’ columns.

Another striking example is the figure of the Biblical Melchizedek that appeared on a façade of the “Cathedral de Chartre” in France, holding a chalice in the shape of a mushroom, symbolizing life, and perhaps the “Holy Grail”, as interpreted in the literature of Cathars,

Templars, and many enlightened eastern secret societies. It was also interpreted as the “Divine-Human Vessel”, meaning the womb of Virgin Mary; the very womb that gave birth to Jesus.

In ancient Phoenician and Akkadian traditions closely related to the Anunnaki, the mushroom as a chalice represents the creative power of the female. More precisely, the fecundity of a female Anunnaki goddess, giver of life and all living creatures. This fecundity source came in the form of mitochondrial DNA. Also, the secret extracted liquid of the mushroom represented the “Light Liquid” known also as the “Elixir of Life”.

On many Templars’ pillars and Bourj (upper part of a medieval fortress or a castle) in Syria, Malta and Lebanon, the mushroom is carefully illustrated as a “Flower of Life” known to the Phoenicians, Habiru (Hebrew), early Arabs, Sumerians and Anunnaki as:

c-Vardeh (Almost the same word in all these languages), symbolizing the “blooming of life”.

At one point in history, the mushroom’s figure was used by the Templars of St. John of Malta as the symbol of the Holy Grail.

And in other passages, the mushroom represented a head; the head of a leader. Some historia ns thought that the leader was Baphomet, while others believed that is was “Noah”, and another group believed it was the Prophet Mohammed, and finally, there is a group of learned masters who claimed that is was the “Khalek of Markabah”. Familiar?

Khalek is “God”, and “Markabah” is a spaceship (UFO).

The Anunnaki’s mushroom symbol gave birth to the “Cult of Head”. There is nothing in the world more stimulating and captivating than deciphering buried ancient linguistic-religious symbols and languages.

Who Is Nafar JinMarkah? Was He The Early Human On Three Legs?

Nafar Jinmarkah, is the name of humans on three legs: The Anunnaki were geneticists and engineers with a strong appreciation for aesthetics. Per contra, the Igigi created a very primitive form of living beings on earth, exactly as humans created unappealing early forms and shapes of robots, and related mechanical devices, at the dawn of robotics. These robots were functional but not pretty to look at, and the Igigi considered the early quasi-humans to be not much more than machines with limited mental faculties.

The early forms of humans were created by the Igigi, and looked like apes. The earth was extremely cold at that time, and the Igigi had to cover human bodies with lots of hair to protect them from the elements. It took the quasi-human race thousands of years to evolve into an early human form, and even then not totally human, still looking like apes. Some of them had bizarre skulls and facial bones. The Igigi actually experimented a bit with the early human forms.

First, they created the “Nafar Jinmarkah” meaning ‘individual on three legs.’They consisted of a very strong physical body but lacked agility. Those bodies were created to carry heavy weight. The three legs’ purpose was to support heavy loads they could lift and carry. Later on, the Igigi worked on a new human form that consisted of a body with two legs, to bring speed and better agility.

Yet, early humans remained terrifying, nothing like the Biblical descriptions.

The Igigi tried four times. They experimented in four different ways. Each time, they faced a problem in designing the human skull. Early Igigi creators did not want to put brains in the skull so human-forms-bodies would not think. These early human forms were the world’s first robots.

The Anunnaki were the ones who created the brains for humans

These early brains contained two million cells. But the Anunnaki too worked several times on the prototypes of humans. In their final genetic experiments, the Anunnaki programmed humans with the thirteen original faculties.

Do Anunnaki Have ExtraSenses And Particular Powers?

The Anunnaki have an astonishing range of extra senses and incomprehensible powers. Almost all extraterrestrials possess multiple physical-mental faculties that can be called extra senses. The Anunnaki and the Artyrians have 13 different kinds of extra senses, ranging from physio-biological to mental-sensorial. They are NOT neurological.

The Naryans have 17 senses. Some of the most fascinating senses are:

a – The ability of freeing themselves from the limitation of time and space and
sensing the “ultra dimension”; in other words, they are able to feel and sense the
infinitesimal frequencies that constitute the dividing waves or walls between
each dimension and/or multiple universes. Those dividing lines are waves and
they expand and react spatially like rubber bands. There are no other words or
expressions in the human vocabularies we can use to describe these “existences”.

b –They can totally eliminate and sense the effect of heat and cold and mentally
regulate the temperature degrees of the environment. Also they can adjust
others’ bodies’ temperature for health and therapeutic reasons, because they can
sense the body’s weaknesses and strengths. In terrestrial terms, they can see the
aura. But it goes beyond aura, because aura is produced bio-organically and can
be detected either visually or through scientific apparatus.

The Anunnaki can easily jam any communication and transmission device on earth, and disable any military and scientific apparatus and equipment instantaneously.

Extraterrestrials and particularly the Anunnaki and the Grays know very well all missile installations and locations on earth, whether on the surface, underwater or underground. They can disable their delivery systems in a fraction of a second.

The Anunnaki have conquered the laws of anti-gravity. The Anunnaki can bend time and space. The Anunnaki can navigate the universe and reach unimaginable destinations and travel mind-boggling distances in a very short time using “Babs”, stargates and wormholes.

An Anunnaki can transpose and transport himself/herself to several places simultaneously, and appear in the same time in multiple locations, always conserving his/her properties and physical-mental capacities.
This can be done through various techniques such as using a “Double”, or another “Copy” of himself/herself, de-fragmenting the molecules of his/her physical body and recreating identical molecules in another dimension. Anunnaki are physical, mental, vibrational and multi-dimensional. Anunnaki can transmute metals into any other metal, including gold.

Anunnaki can alter the properties of any liquid, soft and hard substances.

Anunnaki can live up to 400,000 years. Through their “Miraya” (Cosmic Monitor), the Anunnaki can watch and follow any event happening on many other planets. Anunnaki can travel into the future and the past. They can alter the events they have created in the past, and influence occurrences to happen in the future.

Are There Animals On Ashtari (Nibiru to Others)

Answer: YES! And they are well-treated!

The Anunnaki believe that the early animals on earth were created by evil spirits (Mental-non dimensional entities.) Anunnaki did not want to create animals.

Cats : While working in their genetic laboratories on creating new life forms, outside the human or quasi-human borderline, and by trial and error, one formula produced cats. The cat in the Anunnaki’s language is called Bessa. In Coptic and Arabic and other Semitic languages, the cat is called Bess or Bessa; a strange similarity for two separate civilizations that are apart by million light years. The Anunnaki, upon noticing that the female cats responded joyfully to the sound of music and waterfalls, they added to their genetic formula an extra sensorial faculty to enhance their hearing. There is something unusual in the Anunnaki’s genetic creation of cats because their cats don’t have gender.

Only female cats live on their planet, and they reproduce constantly without mating obviously; their reproduction process occurs in genetic laboratories.

One of the gifts that the Anunnaki gave the early friendly monarchs of the earth was a set of cats. You can see this gift illustrated in the history and mythology of Egypt. This is another connection or relation between the lineage of the early pharaohs and the Anunnaki. Also, the cats of the Anunnaki have psychic powers.

Although they don’t sense fear and danger like earth’s cats, they predict weather and atmospheric anomalies. And another unique characteristic – they can talk.

They talk to the Anunnaki via vocal expressions. It’s not a fully cohesive language that uses nouns, adjectives, verbs, or sentences; it is a series of uttered words and conversational expressions. Only one kind of cat exists. And this breed looks a bit like Siamese but with white fur and a rainbow of blue and grey around the neck. They are double the size of our cats. The colour of their eyes is very light blue.

Birds: There is an infinity of types and colours.

All are genetically created by the Anunnaki, and they all sing. And yes, they give eggs.

On Ashtari (Nibiru) and Zeta Reticuli, you will not find insects, only butterflies, because they blend well with the beauty of the landscape and they were also created by genetic formulas. Interestingly enough, the genetic formulas were not created by highly advanced scientists, as on earth.

The Anunnaki’s children created those life forms, and genetic engineering is part of their schools’ curricula.

We continue this history in the next publication: What Kind Of Relation Eve And Her Children Had With God And The Anunnaki?

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