Why Veganism is Essential for the Ascension of Consciousness to 5D 

Why Veganism is Essential for the Ascension of Consciousness to 5D 

In recent times, it’s becoming abundantly clear, just how all-encompassing the shadow simulation of reality here on the planet is, especially since the bogus pandemic. All walks of life are being manipulated to create a lower vibrational bubble, in which to entrap souls in a limiting state of inertia – a last-ditch attempt to prevent their Shift to 5D. Non can be more destructive to vibration, than the systemic suffering of animal life within the industrial food chain.

Blind acquiescence to meat and dairy, is blind acquiescence to the simulation itself. Here’s why it’s so essential to emerge from that purposeful misdirection.

Exploring the Debate

There are endless debates about human diet. Why is it we’re the only species with such diverse, apparently necessary diets, when the rest of the animal kingdom is so crystal clear on the simplicity they each require? And why does it appear humanity is becoming so unhealthy and challenged around diet?

First off, I’m obliged to say I am not a doctor, and you must do your own research to establish what is the best diet for you. 🙏

I have thoroughly investigated my own diet, intricately, for around 22 years since I went vegan. Also, my experience comes from having worked with many ascending people around the planet, working to get off the meat and dairy chain. It’s not an easy transition for sure. It can cause a huge amount of detoxification challenges. You’ll need to be mindful of supplements, protein intake, and most essentially, getting the right configuration of gut microbiotics. It’s the reason many people have turned back from forays into veganism, because of the perception of health problems it can initially cause. Within our own organisational team, there have been many challenges in the transiton to overcome, lasting some years – but with patience and persistance, it can definitely be done.

There’s an essential reason why the complexity, and also why, in my professional opinion as a planetary shift facilitator, it’s essential to make the transition. If that is, you want to go with the Shift to 5D. Let’s explore.

Hybridised Homo Sapiens

I put to you, the only reason humans can digest meat and dairy, is that Homo Sapiens has been hybridised that way. Clearly, we have emerged from the primates, with 97% of the genetics of a chimpanzee. All primates eat plant-based diets/fruit (with only minor exceptions). But you can clearly see, in the human genetic code, the digestive system has been modified to consume lactose (and thus milk). Likewise, the colon has gone through a sudden shortening, enabling us to consume meat without it putrifying in the gut.

Why is it then, that there are so many people who are lactose intolerant? You don’t get chimpanzees intolerant to bananas! Likewise, why is it that the average 40-year-old human conceals around four pounds of undigested mucoid plaque, (a toxic, noxious rubbery substance) in the gut from consuming meat?
Here’s an exploration of the science of mucoid plaque, and how to remove it

When you explore back through human history, and the clear interventions of the genetic coding, there have been sudden adaptations that downgraded Original Humans. Our bone and muscle structure became suddenly 50 percent weaker. A chimpanzee, were it so inclined, could literally toss you and me around the room. If you’re in any doubt that this happened, then explore how modern humans suddenly acquired 46 chromosomes from the 48 in all primates. It is not one one-step chance mutation, as Darwin’s theory requires, but several simultaneous ones. And crucially, the transformation is an evolutionary hindrance, because it causes genetic disorders and infertility.

As I’ve researched and explained in the Openhand Book DIVINICUS, it was done to create speciation. After the downgrading to create Homo sapiens, the modifications were sealed in by splicing of the second and third chromosome chains, on both the maternal and paternal lineages. Why?

It was to prevent successful interbreeding with the Original Humans – the “Lemurians” – so the engineered changes would not simply revert back to the original, more aligned and authentic, configurations.


It’s become abundantly clear since, these changes, and especially diet, were necessary to underpin the construction of the simulation, that would go on to populate the Earth, where every corner could be harvested. The meat and dairy industry underpins all of this. The suffering of “livestock” is systemic, with 65 billion grazing creatures being reared (often in tremendously inhumane conditions) and then mercilessly butchered, in fearful terminations.

People frequently say that hens willingly give their eggs, as do cows willingly give milk. Think again…

Hens only continue to provide eggs, because they’re conned into doing so, by the continual removal of them by humans. Many suffer horrendous living conditions in battery farms, with countless suffering or dieing from prolapses due to the excessive laying.

Cows only continue to provide milk, because their calves are purposefully removed from them shortly after birth. If you believe that’s compassionate, then I encourage you to visit a farm just after it’s done, to suffer and empathise with the distraught wailing of the mother.

If you require any evidence of how much suffering is being held in the 3D base layer of society, then watch the acclaimed documentary Earthlings. Be aware, you’ll need a strong constitution to watch it. But if you still consume meat and dairy, and want to go with the compassionate and conscious shift to 5D, it’s advisable that you do. Although it’s likely to be deeply saddening to any compassionate being, that’s exactly why it’s a huge inspiration as well… Earthlings

Now, we need to understand something fundamental and crucial about the simulation that’s heightening across the planet, engrossed by the manipulation, control, and escalating dramas that are sucking consciousness into a kind of zombified inertia – a harvested bubble. Firstly, we need to investigate and become aware, of the intervention energies behind all of this. Humanity didn’t get hybridised by chance, just as the pyramids weren’t built by hoards of slaves with basic chipping instruments!

Alien Engineering Of Modern Society

The Annunaki, from Sirius, were the engineers of this ‘Matrix’ construct we live in. The evidence is well-researched, that probably began with Zecharia Sitchin’s decoding of the Sumerian tablets. But now, in recent years within the Openhand movement, we’ve regressed people back to those times, who’ve disclosed exactly what happened during the downgrading of Original Lemurians to Atlantean Homo sapiens.

We’ve confirmed that the pyramids were built from advanced sound technology – cutting the huge blocks, raising them effortlessly into place, actually moulding them to fit, and even then in some places, reshaping the crystalline alignments in the blocks to create portals to other star systems – like Orion, Sirius, and Draco. Which are key originations of the hybridised human DNA. We’ve even communicated with Annunaki genetic engineer whistleblowers in the 4D, confirming just what went on, and even how they created the artificial moon, sealing in their transformations, by manipulating the 4D morphic fields.
9 Astounding Facts that Prove the Moon is Artificial

Yes, today we are living within an all-encompassing simulation, the overriding Architect of which, is none other than the collectivised entity, Ra. Who orchestrated even religious and modern spiritual practices to enhance human entrapment in the simulation. His deceiving philosophy specifically speaks of the Ascension as, “The Harvest of Souls into 4D”. As opposed to full emergence into the New Paradigm of 5D/6D/7D.

Discover more about the true nature of Ra

Misdirecting Soul Sovereignty

There’s a reason why Ra needs to disseminate the actual truth of the entrapment, although carefully misdirected. It’s the same reason the cabal often telegraphs their controlling machinations of society within encoded occultism. It is to gain tacit acquiescence. What do I mean?

“The Greatest Deception is that closest to the Truth”. The architect, Ra, recognises that the soul is endowed with sovereignty as it emerges from the source. All beings have that original, primary truth encoded within. It’s why accurately expressed truth always unravels distortion and convolution of outdated reality constructs. Ra needs tacit approval, and voluntary acquiescence, in order for the simulation to be held in place.

Now here’s the point about veganism and the simulation: when you consume meat and dairy within the industrial food chain, you are tacitly acquiescing to the simulation itself. You are actually consummating it.

It means you’re willingly consuming the vibrations of the fearful and exploitative simulation on earth, that’s carefully sanitised on supermarket shelves. You’re actually becoming a vibrational part of it. You’re giving permission to the shadow to keep doing what it’s doing. And that’s the intention.

That’s one key reason why, when in the Openhand movement we’ve actually dialogued with Ra, he’s so confident his simulation deception will persist. And why he’s not (currently) willing to surrender it – he’s confident people on the whole won’t make the necessary sacrifices to actually reclaim full soul sovereignty – to make the constant conscious choices, that help you emerge from his growing 3D/4D simulation. He believes the balance of life here is positively choosing the simulation, even though plenty of commentators and spiritual aspirants speak of wanting to break free from it.

But I’ve communicated directly with this Ra collective in recent times and I believe he (they) are profoundly mistaken. Because he’s overlooked one essential thing – nature actually does have a voice. Even though he can’t hear it (because he can’t empathise with it). The balance of life here is willingly moving on, with over 200 species of sentient life going extinct daily. And as Gaia’s torus now reestablishes in the Pole Shift, to go with the Grand Galatic Convergence, she too is signaling her intention to let go of the simulation and ascend into the Golden Age of 5D/6D/7D.

Resurrection from the Simulation

Let’s be clear, it is not 5D consciousness to exploit other sentient life to the degree it suffers or loses its life for the good of your own. I would maintain that’s not even compassionate. That said, I do understand and most definitely empathise with people being challenged in making the transition to veganism, especially due to the hybridisation that’s happened. I totally honour that it can take some considerable time to complete. ❤️

That said, I also have no doubt, that if a person wants to truly ascend with the Shift to 5D, then you’re going to need to shed the inner ballast of these dense, fearful and highly limiting vibrations. In any case, they cause inflammation in your 3D body, and energetic ‘baffles’ in your energy body, which are rife for unfelt entities to enter on the white noise, feeding off the disharmonious vibrations, that then readjust your intentions and pathway back into the simulation.

It’s time to expose the deceptions, lies and misdirections that this simulation is founded upon. Of which non other can be so limiting and encapsulating than the meat and dairy industry. It’s fostering a blind acquiescence to the harvest to 4D. But the balance of sentient life is now wanting to break free. Although long overdue, the time has come. Which direction can you feel your soul calling you?

If you decide it’s time to kick meat and dairy, not least due to sentient compassion, be aware, it is not necessarily an easy journey. But then neither is the spiritual one. However, each surrender, each ‘sacrifice’ of old energies, leads to the progressive raising of vibration and expansion of consciousness. We CAN emerge from this dull acquiescence. People across the planet ARE doing it. It’s time to go back to the future – to bring the vibrations of the Original Lemurians with us into 5D/6D/7D.

If you’re ready to make that journey, explore the advanced spiritual work of Openhand:

Openhand Ascension Academy

Bright blessings – to ALL sentient life!
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